Should you be hearing from your cleaner?—Yes!

Most of us do not want to see or hear from our cleaners. We like that they come like ghosts in the night, leaving our work places clean and secured with minimal disruption. In fact, we rarely think of them — until something goes wrong. Silence is not always golden.

What you should expect from your cleaning service

Premier cleaning service companies such as ours understand that the client is best served through good communication with both the cleaner of their facility and their cleaning company. Like in any other healthy relationship, communication between the client and their cleaning service should be clear, honest and ongoing.

  • Your cleaning service should be keeping you informed on:
  • Any unusual activity on your property
  • Anything that looks out of place
  • Security breaches
  • Items that need fixed or replaced

A relationship built on communication

There can be a healthy relationship between the client and cleaning service that encourages accuracy, consistency, understanding, flexibility and excellence.

Communication tools we use at Executive Cleaning:

  • Interactive logbooks
  • Supervisor inspection reports
  • Regular calls from a manager

Regular communication should be expected from a quality cleaning service for your safety and efficiency. If you are not hearing from your cleaner, let them know that you would like a communication plan.

Why you should be cautious about a “low ball” cleaning bid.

It has been said that, “you get what you pay for.”  That is certainly true in commercial cleaning. Cleaning bids are calculated on the time it will take a cleaner to perform all the tasks requested.  There is a definite connection between time spent and quality.  Most cleaning starts off great and then quality starts to decline.  There is usually a strong correlation to time spent at the site.  What you want to avoid is a bid that only allows time for a “trash and dash” approach to cleaning, no matter what tasks are on your checklist.

Here are three questions to ask “Low Ball” bidders:

  • How much time have you budgeted per cleaning visit?
  • How did you determine that time?
  • How will you stick to the time you have estimated?

At Executive Cleaning Services, we have systems and guarantees in place to ensure you get a quality cleaning.  We monitor hours on all of our accounts to confirm that the cleaner is there for the right amount of time.  Our quality guarantee means you don’t pay for services that have not been performed.  We have systems and guarantees in place to ensure you get what you are paying for.

Five qualities to look for in a medical cleaning team

Health care facilities often face the challenge of finding a top quality janitorial team. Cleanliness directly impacts the safety of patients and employees as well as the reputation of your practice. It is critical that your medical cleaning team has these five qualities to properly and effectively clean your health environment.

1. Knowledge

A medical cleaning team should be fully knowledgeable about cleaning health facilities as well as standards set by HIPAA. Cleaning staff should understand how to safely handle contaminants, effectively sanitize and the sources of infection and cross contamination.

2. Consistency in quality

Consistency is paramount, as medical facilities rely on cleanliness to ward off staphylococcus, MRSA and other dangerous viruses. Your janitorial team should be using cleaning practices that exceed terminal cleaning standards and regulations.

3. Attention to detail

Your medical cleaning team must pay attention to every detail and monitor the environment continuously with regular inspections. High touch areas as well as floors should be cleaned meticulously to control infection.

4. Training and experience

Make sure that your cleaners have health-specific training, specialized gear and the proper equipment. They should have experience in chemical handling and controlling bloodborne pathogens while keeping confidential documents secure.

5. Certified Products

Your cleaners should use certified cleaning products appropriate for medical facility cleaning. These products should have maximum results to disinfect, sanitize and deodorize your health environment.

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Five things the best janitorial cleaning companies do differently

There are several qualities to evaluate when it comes to choosing the right janitorial cleaning company for your facility. The best companies are experienced, honest and understand that their work reflects on the impression you give to your customers.

Qualities to look for in a janitorial cleaning company

1. Communication

Communication should be proactive and clear. Does your cleaning service make necessary adjustments to give what you’re paying for? We give log books to our clients where they can leave and receive notes on anything that needs fixing or extra care. A supervisor inspects the communication and oversees the project to ensure that these needs are met.

2. Customer care

The best janitorial cleaning companies have a system in place for customer care, such as accepting special requests and responding to emergencies. Our management team is readily available to clients to answer questions and to address any concerns.

3. Quality assurance process

How does your cleaning service ensure superior results? We have a six-point Clean Guarantee checklist in place to ensure the highest quality assurance for every project:

  • Hiring process
  • Training process
  • Customized client checklist
  • Client communication log book
  • Supervisor inspections
  • Operations manager inspections

4. Employee supervision

You should be able to trust your cleaning personnel, especially after hours. Our staff is insured, bonded, background checked and drug-screened. We supervise our technicians to ensure that  HIPPA is observed and sensitive business documents remain secure and undisturbed.

5. Professionalism

You should expect service that is detailed, efficient and professional. We make sure that your expectations are met by developing a customized plan for your project. Our personnel is on time with all equipment and are highly trained.

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What you should expect from your janitorial service

What should you expect from your janitorial service? Some people expect premier service at the lowest cost. Others are willing; it seems, to pay a premier price for just adequate service. That old saying is true: “You get what you pay for.” In order to help you get the best value in janitorial services, here are some non-negotiable qualities you should expect from your janitorial service provider.

A proactive communications plan

You should expect clear, transparent and honest communication from your service provider. They should be focused on fixing issues.

Workers who are background checked and drug screened

You have the right to know who is in your building and to be comfortable with personnel, especially after hours.

Trained and supervised cleaners

You should expect to have cleaners who have been thoroughly trained and who are supervised by individuals who can regularly inspect their work, teach effect techniques and help in solving issues that may arise.

An attentive management team

You should expect responsive, friendly and effective customer service. Your cleaning service’s management team should be proactive, engaged and accessible.

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If your current cleaning service does not meet or exceed these basic qualifiers, please call Executive Cleaning Services and inquire about our Quality Assurance Process and Clean Guarantee.

3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Janitorial Company to Clean Your Office

Business owners need to do their homework when hiring a company to provide janitorial services to the building. We have all heard of housekeepers or handymen ripping someone off, or doing a lousy job. Business owners are at risk of experiencing the same strife, unless they carefully look at the credentials of the company offering janitorial services. In many businesses, those entrusted to take care of cleaning have access to merchandise, supplies, or even petty cash found in offices. Without asking the right questions, a company that is supposed to help you can quickly become a major problem. At Executive Cleaning Services we encourage business owners to ask the following questions when selecting a company to clean.

1. How long have you been in business? Because janitorial supplies are relatively inexpensive, some “wantrepreneurs” purchase some rags, window cleaner and disinfectant and begin offering services to business owners. More often than not, these businesses flop quickly because the owners fail to consider the importance of proper training before offering these specialized services.

2. What types of clients do you have? This question will help determine if the provider has experience in providing janitorial services to offices like yours. If your office is highly specialized and you have equipment that needs dusting or perhaps polishing, it’s best to ensure the janitorial company has experience in serving others like you.

3. What services do you provide? If the answer to this question is “we clean everything,” take warning. It’s best when janitorial companies can tell you exactly what they do and how they do it. Be leery of people who give vague answers, or who promise the world without giving any specifics.

At Executive Cleaning Services we are owner-operated, meaning that our clients do not have to worry about unsavory characters reporting to their office to clean and potentially steal or perform unsatisfactory work. We are committed to providing comprehensive janitorial services to clients across Lane County.