Carpet Cleaning in Eugene Oregon at Executive Cleaning

A clean carpet can play a major role in impressing your clients and boosting your company’s image. Executive Cleaning Services can help beautify your floor covering and prolong the life of your investment.

Clean, Effective, Green

We use an encapsulation process for our carpet cleaning projects that is fast-drying, effective and eco-friendly. While steam cleaning can leave carpets damp for up to 48 hours, an encapsulation process cleans your carpet quickly while effectively removing dirt, stains and mold.

  • We use Green Seal certified materials that are pet and baby safe
  • A fast-drying process that effectively removes and prevents stains and mold
  • No harsh chemicals are used, making the cleaning process healthy
  • A process that beautifies your carpet, leaving a clean smell
  • A process that does not create carpet stretching and unevenness.